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October 28, 2021 4 min read

Please join us in welcoming ZATOKA ZEGARKÓW to our team of NTH retail partners. 

We are excited to have CEO, Bartek Mazurek, as our newest online seller, helping NTH expand its footprint in Poland and beyond.

ZATOKA ZEGARKÓW is an online watch boutique from Poland with headquarters in Warsaw. Established in 2020. The store carries a fine selection of microbrands from all around the world. They constantly upgrade our offer in the ever-changing watch universe and persevere in their efforts to deliver the best customer support possible. They're focused mostly on the Polish market but will ship your NTH anywhere in the EU.


We had the chance to ask Bartek a few questions about his story and the watch industry at large:

What made you want to open an online watch boutique?
It's a tough question! To be honest I have never been a big fan of watches before I launched Zatoka Zegarków. For almost 30 years of my life I've had just a few watches. My first watch was a Casio on a steel bracelet which served me for many years in school. Later I've had a couple of quartz watches with timer which I've been using during my sport activity (I'm an amateur powerlifter - strength workouts are part of my life for over a decade). For years I run various business. Watch business is the newest one. There was a lot of coincidence which led me to this place. I've searched for a niche. Then I first heard about microbrands - I believe business run by people similar to me, but on the other side of the business 'mirror'. I think that we seek akin values in our lives - we want to be a master of our own fate, we want to do something interesting that makes a difference, we prefer working in elastic hours because we hate routine. Helping people is also fun - I can observe their passion and deliver what they desire. I value good customer support so I try to give the best support I can. Suprisingly, every day I am also more into watches personally! I don't know what's next. I am still a young entrepreneur who's searching for his way and working with NTH is another milestone for my development. I am honoured to work with NTH.
How do you decide which brands you want to carry?
Quality is very important. I want to be sure that I am selling a quality product. A product that is made to last and bring much joy. I would feel bad if I sold a watch that can break down easily. It's about hard earned money - you pay and you expect to have a great product which I totally understand. Secondly, you can't sell watches if there is no demand. I think there are many watches out there which are fine but not very popular. But being just good it's not enough. It's a tough and crowded market. Brand owner has to deliver it all - great product (both in terms of visuals and quality), interesting story behind it, good marketing. It all takes much time, money and work. Only the strongest survive. If you do, you have enough brand recognition and earned trust to sell your product. For dealer it's very important - it's much easier to become a part of a well-oiled machine. We all do our job the best we can and in the end it's a victory for all - producer, dealer and happy, satisfied customer who can recommend our product or come back for another watch. And the circle just keeps on turning. Finally, I choose the watches I really like - it's also about feelings. Show me the watch I really want - it has to have something fascinating inside, something that make me say: 'I want it' or 'I must have it'. I believe the customers feel the same way.
What’s your “grail” watch? And why?
I'm not long enough inside the watch world to have my 'grail' watch. I'm still searching for it. But maybe it's not about that one perfect watch? Every watch we wear should be a source of joy. Do you know that tingling when you see a watch for the first time and you want to buy it? We love that feeling. Maybe it's about chasing the bunny?
One interesting fact about your business?
The most important is that I have interesting offer! If I have to choose I would say that we never close. Like the Internet never sleeps, so does Zatoka Zegarków. It's not only a store. It's part of my life. Working hours are 24 hours a day. It should not be a chore. It's a lifestyle.
What do you want to achieve in the future?
I would like to create an established online boutique with a fine selection of quality watches. I'm interested in watches from both microbrands and more known watch manufacturers but never mainstream brands. I'd like to keep that special, niche character of my store. We focus on the Polish market but if you live outside Poland, I will deliver your NTH watch to every European country.

Please join us in welcoming another fantastic online seller to our list of retailers. You can check out their NTH collection  here.

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