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NTH Näcken & Bahia Review - A Masterpiece of Detail by Armand The Watch Guy, 12 December 2018.

Armand the Watch Guy created this channel to share the history of watches, buying guides and other watch related content. He is a watch collector who loves art and music as well. His particular favorites are Puccini, Satie, and Shostakovitch. He lives in England though he is a Swiss citizen. For any inquiries, please contact him at


Hanging out with the NTH Näcken Renegade, The Wrist Watch Review, 6 December 2018

"All in all, though, I did rather enjoy my time with the NTH Näcken Renegade.  And my time with it further cemented the fact that I enjoy the snowflake hands so much more than the “Rolex” hands that we often see on subs.  For anyone on the search for a compact dive watch with vintage looks and modern reliability, I don’t know how something like the $650 NTH Näcken Renegade wouldn’t be on the table."


Video review of the NTH Scorpène Blue by Bruce Williams, 3 December 2018.

Bruce strives to bring detail driven reviews of all types of watches from multiple price points. Enjoy the macro shots, the honesty, and the love of watches! 


NTH Subs Nazario Sauro and Dolphin, The Time Bum (and Mrs. Time Bum), 28 November 2018

So just to be clear from the get-go, the NTH Subs Series are among my favorite watches. Ever since I first reviewed them in July 2016, I've loved the line's classic proportions, neo-vintage designs, and reasonable price. Apparently, I was not alone because Chris Vail of the Janis Trading Company has since turned out dozens of variants, all sharing the same case while exploring different colorways, handsets, and layouts. Chris let me sample two of the newest, and arguably most radical, releases: the unisex Dolphin Magenta, and the Watch Gauge exclusive Nazario Sauro, both of which sell for $650 the full review on The Time Bum.


Video review of the NTH Skipjack by Random Rob, 25 November 2018.

Rob created his channel to post whatever he wants, it will all be Random.

Rob wants us to Be good to people, stay positive, and love people not things. 

You can contact Random Rob for helping or lending watches. or find him at


Video review of the NTH Sub Skipjack by Adrian at Horology Story, 25 November 2018.

Adrian from Indonesia is new to the scene and he is a watch enthusiast like you and I. He follows any watch information available. The NTH Skipjack is his first microbrand watch. Follow him on instagram @horologystory.


Video review of the NTH DevilRay by Random Rob, 11 November 2018.

Rob created his channel to post whatever he wants, it will all be Random.

Rob wants us to Be good to people, stay positive, and love people not things. (Thank You Rob!)

You can contact Random Rob for helping or lending watches. or find him at

Video review of the NTH DevilRay by Bruce Williams, 5 November 2018.

Bruce strives to bring detail driven reviews of all types of watches from multiple price points. Enjoy the macro shots, the honesty, and the love of watches! 

Video review of the NTH DevilRay Deep Six Special Edition Diver's Watch by the Page & Cooper, 4 October 2018

Page & Cooper welcome's NTH Watches to the Page & Cooper Family with this very limited edition DevilRay Deep Six Diver's Watch. It's an amazing watch with an incredible level of detail. It is available exclusively from Page & Cooper, but only whilst stocks last:


Video review of the NTH Näcken Modern Blue by the Urban Gentry, 9 January 2018


Review of the NTH DevilRay by Wrist Watch Review, 19 December 2017

Normally, if there is a normal, Doc Vail makes an NTH watch by taking a classic model, updating it with modern specifications (quality movement, sapphire crystal, solid end link bracelet), improves the case dimensions, and calls it a day. This is a gross oversimplification, one that glosses over months of design work, refinement, arguments, and wrestling with a factory to try and live up to the original intent. With the NTH Azores, we began to see Doc stretch a little, combining influences from different models without directly paying tribute to one specific watch faithfully. Here, he walks down that path further, but for a vintage-inspired the full review at Wrist Watch Review.


Unboxing video of the NTH Näcken Modern Blue by the Urban Gentry, 21 November 2017


Review of the Spectre II by the Time Bum, 26 October 2017 

Back in January 2014, I reviewed the original Lew & Huey Spectre. I liked this big, barrel-cased pilot's watch and particularly praised its bold take on a military dial. Yesterday, Janis Trading Company opened orders for the Spectre II, a new spin on the old Spectre, featuring a different dial and both a link bracelet and rubber strap. The Time Bum borrowed two pre-production models for this the full review by the Time Bum


Review of the NTH DevilRay by the Time Bum, 24 October 2017

When Chris Vail of Janis Trading Company announced the NTH DevilRay back in June, it was clear that he and his design team had cooked up something special. Vail cited influences ranging from 1970's dive watches to medieval armor and modern tank treads, and while it sounded weird, it looked good. I've been dying to see how it all came together and I recently got my chance, with not one but two prototypes of these cool, curious beasts in the full review by the Time Bum.


Hourtime Podcast interview with Chris Vail of Janis Trading co, 20 October 2017


Video Show & Tell of the NTH Antilles & Azores by Peter Manthos, 1 September 2017


Review of the NTH Amphion Dark Gilt by Watch It All About, 23 August 2017

NTH are the sister brand to Lew & Huey; another brain child of Chris Vail – whom is quite well known in the affordable and micro brand watch circles. I’ve reviewed a few Lew & Huey’s before, but I never really got on with the slightly playful branding. Nth, however, are much more serious and thus more appealing. I’ve not had too much time with the Amphion before I had to hand to over to the Facebook Divers Group GTG, but here are my thoughts on the the full review at Watch it All About

 Video Show & Tell with the NTH Amphion by Peter Manthos, 18 August 2017


Review of the NTH Azores Mint by Watch It All About, 14 August 2017

Nth are the sister brand to Lew & Huey; another brain child of Chris Vail – whom is quite well known in the affordable and micro brand watch circles. I’ve reviewed a few Lew & Huey’s before, but I never really got on with the slightly playful branding. Nth, however, are much more serious and thus more appealing. I’ve not had too much time with the Azores before I had to hand to over to the Facebook Divers Group GTG, but here are my thoughts on the the full review at Watch It All About
NOTE: There are a handful of inaccuracies in the blog review and video. The water resistance is 200m/20ATM, the bracelet does taper/the clasp is only 18mm, and the movement was regulated to within a few seconds per day, but was apparently magnetized sometime prior to the review, and running fast at +60 seconds per day. 

Review of the NTH Antilles Champagne & NTH Santa Fe in Watch Thoughts, 7 August 2017

I’ve been into microbrand watches for a while. If you’re a watch fan and you stumble across them, a whole new exciting world opens up. 
But one of the most common questions is: “What’s the definition of a microbrand?” 
There are lists of accepted microbrands. There are schools of thought that reference number of pieces made, turnover, employees etc as a way to define a microbrand. It’s hard to get those numbers accurate if that’s the the full review at Watch Thoughts.


5 Tool Watches I'd Buy If I Didn't Want to Spring for a Rolex Submariner (incl. NTH Antilles), Quill & Pad, 27 July 2017

Let’s face it, the Rolex Submariner is by leaps and bounds the most iconic dive watch to have ever existed. Probably the most iconic watch of any style to have ever existed for that matter. 
As a “watch guy,” I get constantly asked my opinion on watches I like, what watches I own, what I think of (insert brand name here), etc. If you get questions like this all of the time too, then you’ve probably also noticed that the most frequent inquiries seem to have to do with – justly – Rolex. 
Most of my friends wouldn’t drop $5,000 to $10,000 on a watch, and often times they’ll just ask, “What’s the best Rolex to buy?” 
My opinion is that if I were buying a Rolex, it would be the Submariner. More specifically, a no-date Sub Reference 114060 (see 5 Reasons I’ve Never Owned A Rolex, But . . . There’s A “But”). Once I tell them that a brand new one will cost them upwards of $7,500, most of the time I hear, “Oh, I wasn’t thinking of spending that much!” A very similar conversation occurred this past week, which inspired the writing of this the full review on Quill & Pad.


Hourtime Podcast: Apocalypse Real Soon Now (mention of NTH Subs), 23 April 2017


Review of the NTH Santa Fe and Näcken Modern Blue by Wrist Watch Review, 17 April 2017

I’ve written about the NTH Submariner homage watches by Chris “Doc” Vail before, and also talked about his Tropics compressor style watches again. Doc is back at it with a new set of Sub case the full review at Wrist Watch Review.


Review of the NTH Amphion Vintage Blue and Näcken Vintage Black by MicroBrandWatchWorld, 12 April 2017 

One of the biggest characters in the microbrand watch world is undoubtedly Chris Vail of Lew & Huey fame. Love him or hate him there’s no denying he takes his business seriously. One of the earliest pioneers of Kickstarter crowdfunded watches, Chris launched Lew & Huey in 2013 with the successful crowdfunding of the Riccardo Chronograph. Since then he’s gone on to successfully fund 6 models on Kickstarter under the Lew & Huey brand. Successfully transitioning away from crowdfunding, Chris has expanded his stable. In a similar Google/Alphabet rebranding, he’s created Janis Trading Company which sells Lew & Huey and his new brand, the full review at MBWW


Review of the NTH Amphion Dark Gilt and Barracuda by The Time Bum, 1 April 2017

I don't think it's any secret that I like NTH watches. In my humble opinion, the brand's creator Chris Vail has found a winning formula here. I've said it in these pages when I reviewed the first line of Subs last July and the new Tropics series in December, and put my money where my mouth was when I purchased an Amphion Vintage for myself. I'm a fan, so when I learned that a second round of Subs was on its way, I had to get an early look. Chris sent me two prototypes for this hands-on the full review by The Time Bum.


Review of the NTH Antilles and Azores by Wrist Watch Review, 18 February 2017

The NTH Tropics were inspired by the compressor-case diving watches which proliferated from the late ’50’s to mid ’70’s – marvels of engineering which established an iconic design language. Fortunately for us, the Tropics are made by Chris ‘Doc’ Vail, a man who isn’t afraid to push a good design to the limits, and push his manufacturing partners to the entire review at Wrist Watch Review.


Review of the NTH Antilles and Azores by The Time Bum, 30 December 2016

Chris Vail is really on to something with his new NTH line. The formula is not complicated: take a classic watch, stir in some new details, build it to modern specs, sell. He isn't the only one doing this (arguably, this is the formula for 95 percent of the watchmaking industry) but he is doing it exceedingly well, and proves it once again with NTH's sophomore effort, the Tropics. I previewed these back in October, but today I have prototypes of the new Azores and Antilles in the full review at


Review of the NTH Oberon and Scorpène by WatchPaper, 13 November 2016

Back in January, I had the pleasure to review two Lew & Huey Phantom models, that you can read here, and soon after I posted the review, Chris Vail, the founder of Lew Huey told me about a new project he was working on, a completely new brand, NTH. In the same time, he also created an umbrella company called Janis Trading Co. that includes both Lew & Huey and the full review at


Review of the NTH Näcken Vintage Blue by The Watchier, 27 October 2016

NTH is a new brand under Janis Trading Company, going side by side with the well known Lew & Huey brand; NTH stands for “Nod to History”; where each NTH model puts a new spin on a classic, vintage design. 
Their first release was the sub-homage line, having 8 different models, sharing the same case and movement, but with different dials, hands and inserts’ the full review by The Watchier.


Interview with Wrist Watch Review, 5 October 2016

Welcome back to what has proven to be a very popular feature, the “Interview with a Watch Maker” series.  We’re planning to talk with a wide variety of folks in the industry, so you can get some insight into what makes them tick.  Today, we’re speaking with Chris “Doc” Vail, the man behind Lew & Huey, as well as the full interview at Wrist Watch Review.


Review of the NTH Scorpène by Tempus Fugit, 17 August 2016

So seven days have come and gone and it is time to send the NTH Scorpène back home.  
It is important to understand that this particular model is a prototype, and one of the nice little perks of writing a blog is from time to time you get to have an advance peek and test-drive of something before it is available to the general public. This past week with the NTH Scorpène has been informative and the full review at Tempus Fugit.


Review of the NTH Santa Cruz and Amphion Modern by A Blog to Watch, 12 August 2016

NTH? Janis Trading? Who, or what, is that? If you were not aware, Janis Trading is actually a brand you are probably already familiar with - they were formerly known as as Lew & Huey. Now, that is a name that should be familiar to most of you (and if it isn't, check out our interview with brand creator Chris Vail). As part of the rebranding, the Janis Trading NTH Subs are a completely new line that will hit the streets soon, and we recently got to spend some quality time with a pair from the new lineup, which we first brought you word of back in the the full review at A Blog to Watch.


Review of the NTH Näcken Modern and Oberon by Wrist Watch Review, 11 August 2016

There are Submariner watches a-plenty in this world of homages and replicas, but every one in a rare while, comes a man, a man who isn’t intimidated, and his watch.  And I’m talkin’ about the Doc here. Sometimes, there’s a man, well, he’s the man for his time and place. He fits right in there. And that’s the the full review at Wrist Watch Review.  


Review of the NTH Amphion Vintage, Näcken Vintage Black, and Scorpène by The Time Bum, 13 July 2016

Submariner homages, am I right? They're everywhere. Perhaps no other watch has been duplicated, imitated, faked, borrowed, and downright ripped off as the iconic and ubiquitous Rolex Submariner. And why not? The real thing has achieved iconic status and is the standard bearer for the entire industry. Even non-watch lovers (or especially non-watch lovers) know it and want it. If you are in the business of selling watches, you'd be a fool not to offer something like it. The trick is to make one that does not elicit a collective yawn from your potential the full review by the Time Bum.