June 22, 2021 2 min read

Please join us in welcoming  Island Watch to our team of NTH retail partners. 

We are excited to have founder and owner, Marc Frankel, as our newest online seller, helping NTH expand its footprint in the US and beyond.

Check out their NTH brand onboarding announcement video here!

Island Watch is a family-owned and operated company based out of Long Island, New York. They provide 100% authentic novel and interesting watches - typically pieces you would not find in your local jewelry store. 

Island Watches’ customer service is second to none. After the sale, you are always their customer. They understand the uncertainty of purchasing a watch over the internet, that is why they're proud to have a liberal, no questions asked return policy. 

We had the chance to ask Marc a few questions about his story and the watch industry at large:

What made you want to open an online watch boutique?

My father was always “into” watches, so I was brought up to have an appreciation for timepieces. Shortly after graduating Engineering school (Cooper Union, ’98), I was out to lunch with friends. One of them was wearing a very cool open heart watch, Swiss movement, that he had purchased online for less than $100. I was quite intrigued, contacted the seller, asked if I could purchase 10 at a discount. . .  and the rest is history (18 years later!) 

How do you decide which brands you want to carry?  

It’s a combination. Some brands approach me, I approach others, and still a remainder of those that are recommended to me by my customers. But the base is that they all offer a great value for the price, and make a reliable product.

What’s your “grail” watch? And why? 

I actually don’t believe in a ‘grail’, there is merely the “watch I have my sights on”. If I had to pick something that I likely will never pull the trigger on, it would be a Patek Phillipe Perpetual Calendar.

One interesting fact about your business?

My business was started with an investment of $700, never had outside money invested, and never generated a loss. From day 1.

What new buying trends are you seeing?

The “oversize” trend is over, finally! People are now purchasing watches 40mm, 38mm and many asking for 36mm alternatives. It’s like a revival of the 70’s again! (my birth decade!)

Please join us in welcoming another fantastic online seller to our list of retailers. You can check out their NTH collectionhere.

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