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July 09, 2019 2 min read

Last week, an anonymous blogger posted an exhaustive purported exposé on another watch brand, linking the brand and its owner to entities the anonymous blogger claims were engaged in trademark infringement.  This post came to my attention because it also included images of fraudulent business filings, which used my identity without my knowledge or permission. 

The author of the post went to great lengths to claim that the owner of this other brand lies and creates aliases for himself.  For some reason, however, the blog’s author was unwilling or unable to believe that the business filings with my name on them were also fraudulent. 

This is despite the fact that where my name was used, it wasn’t even my full legal name, was not capitalized, and the email address given for me belongs to the person who was the very subject of the article – the other company’s apparent owner.  Furthermore, my signature never appeared on these documents – because I never knew about, approved nor signed them. 

It’s unfortunate that I have to make a public statement about this at all, but, here it is… 

I do not now, nor have I ever, had any business dealings with Tsung Chi, Ginault, Thomas Caddell, or International Precision.  Whoever filed the documents published by the anonymous blogger did so fraudulently.  My name was used without my knowledge, without my permission, and without any involvement on my part with the company in that fraudulent filing.

I have nothing to do with the company named in them, nor have I any connection to any of the other businesses or individuals which were the subject of the blog article. I had no knowledge of the business named or the filings for it before reading the blog post last Wednesday, July 3rd.  

Secondly, I was “doxed.”  While business filings are publicly available records, someone had to go to some effort to find these fraudulent documents. The blogger posted them, including unredacted residential addresses, and posted links to the article on several other discussion board websites.

Any reasonable person would see that they were fraudulent documents, and know I had nothing to do with the activities of these other companies and individuals.  Any reasonable person would have at the very least contacted me to discuss whether I was involved, before publishing the post or any information related to me.  I was never contacted prior to the blog article going live, and still have not been contacted by its author, for any reason. I haven’t been asked for comment, nor have I been offered any apology.

Anyone who claims I have any connection to these other people and businesses is lying or deluded, pure and simple. I can’t imagine anyone making such a statement thinking it’s true.

My attorney will be contacting the state where the fraudulent documents were filed, in pursuit of having my name removed from the documents, or the documents voided as fraudulently filed. We will cooperate fully with any law enforcement agency which wants to pursue those who are involved in their creation.

I sincerely appreciate all the expressions of support I have received from so many people since the blog article first appeared. Thank you all.

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