DevilRay Pre-Order Start Date Announcement

Get ready for our deepest dive yet...

In order to hit our target delivery date of Spring 2018, we need to start pre-orders NOW, and can't wait any longer. Due to delays getting our prototypes, we'll have to start before we've got professional photography completed.

Pre-orders for the NTH DevilRay will start at 12pm Eastern Daylight Time, this coming Friday, 6 October, 2017, a little less than 36 hours from now.

Although the DevilRay product pages still show 3D illustrations, we have posted some "real-world' pics to our blog, where we have also posted a set of FAQ's regarding DevilRay pre-orders, and some tips for pre-order success.

We strongly recommend you take a few minutes to check out all of those blog pages.

Seriously, look at the real-world pics, read the FAQ's, and the tips for pre-orders. Every time we launch a new model, we get people who somehow never looked at the pics, didn't read the FAQ's, and complain that they were locked out of pre-orders (because they didn't follow the advice we've provided). 

Those of you who have been enthusiastically following this project since the beginning - thanks for your patience. Friday at noon, Eastern, we will finally be able to shut up and take your money.

Hope you all can get in on this one. 

Chris Vail
Janis Trading Company

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