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Replacement Aluminum Bezel Inserts for 40mm NTH Subs


These bezel inserts will fit either the v.1 NTH Subs case, or the v.2 case.

Bezel inserts are not returnable. All sales final. Please choose carefully. Use our website contact form for any questions.

Insert dimensions: Inner diameter, 30mm. Outer diameter, 38mm.

Inserts include pre-installed adhesive backing. We do not sell or supply additional adhesive for the re-use of removed inserts. Additional adhesive backing can be purchased online, by searching for 38mm Dexerials or 3M adhesive disks. 

Be sure to carefully read and follow the bezel insert replacement instructions to avoid damage!

1. Prior to removing the original bezel insert, align the edge of the bezel so that the new insert will be correctly aligned once installed.

2. In order to remove the insert without risking any damage to the case or underlying bezel assembly, do NOT pry the bezel assembly off the mid-case.

3. Unscrew the crown (to let heat out of the case).

4. Heat the insert with a heat gun, for 10-15 seconds, to loosen the underlying adhesive. If you don't have a heat gun, a hair-dryer set to high heat should work, but may take a few seconds longer. Use care to avoid burning your fingers on the next step. Maybe use gloves. We don't recommend an oven mitt.

5.Carefully pry the insert out using a sharp tool, like an X-acto knife, by working the tool under and around the edge of the insert, from the crystal. If the insert is difficult to remove, you may need to heat it some more.

6. Once the insert is removed, clean the surface of the underlying assembly using a cotton swab soaked with soap and water, or any mild solvent used to remove adhesive residue, to ensure there is no debris which will prevent the new insert from being properly seated. 

7. When the underlying surface is clean and dry, peel the adhesive backing off the replacement insert, align the insert with the dial and edge of the bezel, and press firmly into place.

8. Let the adhesive cure overnight before getting the watch wet.

If the process above doesn't remove your bezel insert, you may also use an adhesive solvent, as shown in this video.