NTH Expectations for Reviewers

Before requesting a review sample, please read below, regarding our expectations when sending samples to reviewers. Please do not request a review sample if you cannot agree to these terms.

  • We reserve the right to decline your request for a review sample. Arranging reviews takes time, so our primary focus is on the reviewers we’ve worked with in the past, who we trust. If you’d like to join that list, it helps to have a large audience and social media following. It also helps if your content (video, photography, and written copy) is good quality, and we’re given permission to re-use images from your review (with your designated watermark).
  • We do not pay for reviews in any way, ever. Reviewers may not keep review samples, nor do we provide discounts in exchange for reviews. Reviewers who do not disclose such compensation are violating United States Federal Trade Commission Law. We expect to receive review samples back. We’ll pay round-trip shipping costs, of course.

  • Our reviewers typically need a week or two with a sample. Adding in shipping time, we feel like 3 weeks turnaround is enough. If you need more, please let us know, before we ship the sample. When you’re ready to return the sample, let us know, and we’ll coordinate for return shipping.
  • While we understand that reviewers need time to write or record, and edit, we hope you understand that if a review is going to be of benefit to our business, it helps to be timely, so we like to see reviews published within 2 weeks of a sample being sent back to us. If you think it’s going to take longer than that, please let us know before we ship the sample.
  • We’re all busy. If we send a message to inquire about the status of the review, we expect a timely reply. Please don’t make us repeatedly ask you for a response.
  • We like to link to reviews and include an excerpt on our website. This helps to send more traffic to a reviewer’s site or channel. If you’d rather we didn’t include a link or feature your video on our site, please let us know.