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NTH Tikuna

Tikuna Matata, what a wonderful watch! When I saw the renders of the upcoming subs, this one spoke to me. It was just different enough from all the other watches on the market that I knew I had to have it. The dial and especially the handset sure are wild, but I refer to them as being rad since this watch has some sort of 80's vibe to it (to me at least). It's different, yet familiar due to the great dimensions of the case, accuracy of the movement and the general finishing of this watch. The NTH sub case is close to perfect. I literally bough a Speedy sapphire sandwich in the same week, and am equally excited about both watches. In fact, the Tikuna has gotten more wrist time! All of the Subs are great watches IMO, but I just love how different this one looks compared to all the Sub homages being released every day. Do yourself a favor and pick up an NTH sub. Whether it's this wild card, or a more conservative version, you won't be disappointed!

~Eric A.

NTH Oberon II

I watched several YouTube reviews of NTH watches before deciding to add the Oberon 2 to my collection. I believe it was a close-up of the waffled-face from Chris  that sealed the deal. I am very happy with my purchase. It’s dimensions are perfect for my 6 3/4” wrist. The bezel action, superb lume, domed anti-reflective Sapphire crystal, and pop of red are a perfect combination for a dive watch. I will be adding more NTH subs when they become available.


NTH Amphion Commando



My favorite watch in my diver collection. Keeps great time and the lume is very long lasting (I’m a lume pig). Love the way the stainless bezel matches the rest of the watch. 40mm is the perfect size in my opinion. Well done NTH!

~Bill R.

Dolphin Ice


After previously owning an NTH Oberon I had been wanting to pick up another NTH for my collection. After receiving my new Dolphin - Ice, I found the pictures on the website don't nearly due justice to this beautiful watch. The fit and finish are top notch. The bracelet is very solid and well built and I had no issues removing the screwed in links. So many bracelets provide too few micro adjustments in the clasp but this is not a problem with NTH. There are six adjustment positions in the clasp and it is easy to get a perfect fit and the lugs are drilled for easy strap change. The 40mm case is remarkably thin compared to other dive watches in my collection and is perfect for my 7" wrist. The bezel action is very smooth with no detectible back play. I can't find anything to nit pick so I give this little gem five stars.

~Peter M.

NTH Odin Blue



I noticed that my beloved Odin blue had no reviews and felt compelled to fix that! I now own 3 NTH subs (Skipjack date, Oden blue no date, Nazario Azzurro) and am really impressed. I think the size is perfect. Lume is crazy good. Style is awesome. Only potential downside is the “Miyota wobble” although I kind of like it. For my wrist time it’s a pretty well matched fight between my NTH subs, no date Rolex sub, Tudor Pelagos, and Omega Speesmaster. They’re that good.

~Andrew C.