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NTH Santa Cruz (No Date)
Purchased from SeriousWatches

I recently placed my first order with Serious Watches, namely an NTH Santa Cruz No Date; it wasn't only my first order with Serious Watches, but also my first NTH timepiece.

I was in for a marvelous surprise on two accounts; the service from Serious Watches is second to none - my watch arrived the next day, impeccably packaged - furthermore, the NTH Santa Cruz is out of this world, and I'm over the moon about it.

With a case diameter of 40mm, the watch fits my super skinny wrist beautifully. Also, the watch looks so much better ”live” than it does in pictures. Last but not least, it keeps time very accurately; it's off by - 4 seconds after 12 days on my wrist - a fantastic deviation value for an automatic movement. I have never experienced better value for money for a watch of any price range, hands down.

To sum things up, I must say that I will place an order shortly with Serious Watches for another NTH watch; I believe that my Santa Cruz is the beginning of a SERIOUS NTH collection.

~Sascha N.

NTH Näcken Modern Blue (Date)

Purchased from SeriousWatches

Absolutely love the watch. It looks even better in real life than in photos. The bleu is stunning and it fits my not so big wrist wonderfully. Would recommend, love the value for money!

~Bart L.

NTH Tikuna (No Date)

Purchased from WatchGauge 

This is the 3rd watch I have purchased from John. Every experience has been stellar from start to finish. When I found out about this release, I asked John to put me down for one. As soon as they were about to come on market, I got am email from him asking which variant I wanted and he would reserve one for me. Ended up with the rad no date TikunaRead more about review stating NTH Tikuna No Date with a customary hand written letter from John thanking/congratulating me on my purchase. This may not seem like much to some, but when is the last time a business owner cared enough to write you a letter?!? Just a testament to a well run business that legitimately cares about both watches AND customers. There is a reason I keep going back. 

As for the watch. It's an NTH sub, it's awesome. The dial and handset aren't for everyone, but I think they look incredible, and very different from anything else in my collection. The case of the NTH subs really is a great one. The size, finishing, bezel action and feel on the wrist are spectacular. And let's not forget that lume!!!

I bought this watch the same week I bought a speedy sapphire sandwich, and am quite honestly equally excited about both purchases.

I can't recommend WatchGauge and the NTH subs highly enough. Great product sold by a great businessman. As the great governator said, "I'll be back!"

~Eric A.

Scorpène Nomad (Date)

Purchased from WatchGauge 

One of the best models released by NTH! As always John is one of the leaders and forerunners in the Micro Brand industry. If you are in the market for a microbrand watch (diver or any other models), please consider stopping by WatchGuage and give John a call.

Any of the NTH Subs are great renditions of some of the most iconic divers that are popular.

Read more about review stating Scorpene Nomad Date.....another HOME RUN from NTH and John in the watch communities. The Scorpène Nomad has a clean modern dial. On-spot Bezel action with no back play. Perfect for diving, desk diving, sports or your nice formal occasion!

NTH Odin Black (No Date)

Purchased from WatchGauge


When I decided that I wanted a dive watch with very specific features (300 meters water resistant, less than 12mm thick, no date, 40mm or less, and good lume), I came across the NTH Odin and I am completely blown away! It wears perfectly, keeps time extremely well, and the only thing that would make it better (in my opinion) is if the bracelet would.  Absolutely Amazing! l'd taper a bit more aggressively and have a smaller clasp - but I still 10/10 recommend anything from NTH, especially the Odin! 

And ordering from WatchGauge was an extremely pleasant experience! It shipped quickly and was packaged perfectly!

~Aaron N.