Shipping FAQs

Where will my order ship from?

All orders placed through our site ship from the USA. You may also order from one of our authorized distributorssome of whom ship from their locations outside the USA.
Non-US customers, especially in the UK and EU - please understand that it doesn't cost more to order from the US. Sellers in the UK and EU are required by law to add VAT and include it in their sales prices, making a $500 watch bought from the USA a $600 purchase when 20% VAT is added by UK/EU sellers. 
It may actually cost less to buy from the USA, as you may not receive any tax bill on delivery. 
We try to minimize the likelihood of our non-US customers being taxed on orders, and minimize the taxes due, by using the US postal service, and with how we complete customs forms. Please see more information below.


When will my order ship?

Orders of in-stock items will typically ship within 1 or 2 business days.  
Please see target delivery dates for pre-ordered items, and watch for our production update emails as we near those dates. 
Orders which include both in-stock and pre-ordered items will not be shipped until all items become available. If you would like in-stock items to ship separately, please contact us to request it. Additional shipping charges may be due. 
You will receive a notification with tracking link within 24 hours of your order being shipped. 
If you have not received a shipping notification for in-stock items within 3 business days, please contact us to inquire about your order status. Please allow added time during seasonal and US Federal holidays.


How will my order ship?

You will be able to choose between FedEx or US Postal Service (USPS) at checkout. USPS will coordinate with another courier for final delivery in other countries. 
Customers in some countries may be required to retrieve shipments from local customs offices. Please contact us for a copy of the order invoice if needed. 


How much is shipping?

Orders over USD $1000 will ship free. Otherwise, shipping charges will be calculated at checkout, based on order size, value, and items included.


How long does shipping take?

Orders within the USA (including any overseas territories or APOs served by the US postal service) should typically be delivered within 2-5 business days of being shipped, possibly longer due to seasonal and government holidays, and in some cases may be delivered before tracking info is available, depending on proximity to where we ship from, and seasonal shipping volume. 
Orders shipped outside the USA will typically be delivered in 10-14 business days, depending on, and maybe not including customs clearance in the destination country, which has been taking longer recently due to increased terrorism. 
Customers in some countries may be required to retrieve shipments from local customs offices. Please contact us for a copy of your order invoice if needed. 
What happens when an order is delayed, or tracking stops? 
It is not uncommon for shipments to appear delayed, due to tracking system errors, or for tracking to stop entirely. 
We appreciate our customers' patience with delayed shipments and tracking interruptions. We may ask for a reasonable waiting period before considering missing packages lost, based on location and time of year. 
If your order does not arrive within one week of its expected date, please contact us
What if my shipping address on a pre-order changes, or I'll be traveling when it ships? 
We require customers to make all address changes to their accounts, in order to avoid the possibility we'd make a mistake while editing an order, but updating your address in your customer account does NOT automatically update the address for your order, which we must edit manually. 
If your delivery address changes, first please log into your customer account to update your shipping address, then contact us with the address you want to use for delivery, so we can edit your order with the correct address. 
Please be sure to also update PayPal and your credit card issuing bank with your new address, as we will only ship to verified addresses. To verify your address with PayPal, add a credit card to your PayPal account. 
We can also hold orders while you are traveling, but we cannot do scheduled release dates, nor can we guarantee delivery to temporary addresses within narrow windows of time, as we cannot be certain of our exact shipping date or shipping times. If you want us to hold your order, please let us know as early as possible, then contact us again when you want your order released.


Can you mark the order as a gift, or use a lower value on customs declarations? 
We cannot falsify customs documents by marking orders as gifts. However, because many of our sales are pre-orders, we provide our order fulfillment partners with the lowest pre-order price for all items, which will be the declared value on customs forms. 
Our understanding from our non-US customers is that our shipping with the US Postal Service minimizes the likelihood of taxes being charged on delivery.


Do you ship anywhere?

We'll ship just about everywhere, within reason. We reserve the right not to ship to any country known for high rates of online and credit fraud, terrorism, corruption, human rights violations, and cannot ship to any country with which the US government prohibits trade. Orders we receive but cannot ship will be refunded.  

What happens if a package is lost or stolen?

All packages are shipped with tracking and insurance, but not for full retail value. As such, we reserve the right to refund rather than replace an order, and will typically require a reasonable waiting period before considering a shipment as lost in transit, based on location and time of year. 
Filing and recovering on a lost package claim can take some time, and may require a digitally-signed affidavit from customers, stating that a package was not received, before we can issue a refund. Lost package claims may be investigated by carriers, and fraudulent claims may be prosecuted. 
Security and accessibility of a delivery location is customers' responsibility. If you are concerned about the security of your delivery address, if your mailbox cannot accommodate larger packages, or if your mailbox isn't readily accessible due to security measures in place, please consider using an alternate delivery location for your shipping address, such as your place of work, a family member or neighbor, or a rental mailbox. 
We cannot and do not take responsibility for packages which are stolen after being marked as delivered, or packages lost by couriers after attempting to make delivery, but being unable to gain access to your delivery location. Please be sure to consider this when providing your shipping address. 
If you believe your order has been lost or stolen after delivery was made or attempted, please contact your local post office with your tracking number, and inquire with neighbors. 
If your order was never delivered, please contact us so we can initiate a lost package claim.