About Pre-Orders

Please see our best practices for pre-order success at the bottom of this page.


Pre-Order Start Dates & Expected Delivery Dates

Please see pre-order product pages for pre-order start dates and expected in-stock dates for an estimate of when we expect to begin shipping.

Production delays can and do happen. We will update customers about our progress and any delays as we approach our target delivery date, via our email newsletter

We appreciate customers' patience while waiting for pre-orders, and customers' understanding that we cannot provide individual updates on demand.

Please whitelist our email domain, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be sure to receive all pre-order updates.


Pre-Order Pricing & Structure

Unless otherwise noted, we do not accept deposits or installment payments for pre-orders. All pre-orders are paid in full. 

Pre-order prices may or may not be lower than final in-stock retail prices, depending on the wait involved for delivery. When pre-order prices are lower, both the starting or current pre-order price and the final in-stock retail price will be shown on the product page.

Prices seen on our site prior to pre-orders starting are for a limited number of pieces. Pre-order prices will be raised, quickly, and without warning, based on the number of pieces sold, and as we near our delivery date. 

The number of pieces available at each pre-order price level may change before and during pre-orders, and may not be disclosed publicly.


Common Problems Experienced During Pre-Order

We will be monitoring pre-orders and adding available inventory in real time during the early hours of pre-orders.

When the number of pieces available at a pre-order price level run out, the product will appear "sold out" until we add additional inventory. Please refresh the page during the early hours of pre-orders, or if not, please check back regularly, as we may add more inventory soon. 

If you have one of those "sold out" pieces in your cart, you will not be able to complete checkout. That item will need to be removed from your cart, then re-added at the new price, before you complete checkout. We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience this causes.

Once pre-orders have started, we will likely adjust the number of pieces of each version available based on early pre-order results. 


Canceling a Pre-Order for Refund

Pre-orders can be canceled for a refund at any time up until we begin processing orders for shipping. Order cancel requests can be submitted through our contact pageWe reserve the right to charge a $50 service fee for canceled pre-orders, which we will ordinarily waive based on circumstances.


Changes to Pre-Orders

Once placed, we cannot change pre-orders to add or delete products, or change from one product to another. If you have changed your mind about the product you pre-ordered, we can cancel your order, refund you, and you can order again, at the then-current price.

Please be sure about your choices before pre-ordering.

If your shipping address has changed since placing your order, we must edit your shipping address in our shipping system, which does NOT happen automatically by updating your address on our website. Please be sure to update your address on our site, AND email us to let us know which address you'd like us to ship your order to.


Coupon Codes for Pre-Order

Coupon codes from our loyalty rewards program can always be used, with all products, including pre-orders.

Because most pre-orders are discounted from final, in-stock retail prices, most other coupon codes will not be applicable on pre-orders, or may not become usable until prices have gone up from the starting pre-order price.

Unless otherwise noted, coupon codes may not be "stacked". Only one code may be used per order.


Retroactive Discounts & Partial Refunds on Pre-Orders

Because of problems caused by order changes, and website limitations, we cannot edit or combine existing orders once placed, nor can we issue partial refunds for unused or forgotten coupon codes

Coupon codes generated by our website do not expire, and can be used on a future purchase. Please take your time, add everything you want to your cart, and use any coupon codes prior to completing checkout.

If need be, we can cancel your order and refund you, and you can re-order.


Shipping, Returns & Warranty

Please see our Shipping FAQs, Returns Policy, and Warranty for further information.


Best Practices For Pre-Order Success

We may not be able to provide timely support during the early hours of pre-orders, and as such, we urge all customers to read the following guidelines prior to pre-orders starting.

1. Create a customer account before pre-orders start. Make sure you add your billing address, shipping address, email, phone number, and payment preferences. Make sure you are logged into your customer account before pre-orders start.

2. If you wish to pay with a credit card, especially if you are outside the USA, verify the name and billing address you provided in your customer account a exactly as they appear on your billing statement.

Our site uses a secure checkout with address verification, to prevent credit card fraud. Credit cards may be declined at checkout if any of the billing address details you provided are different than they appear in the card issuer's records, or if the issuing bank does not participate in the AVS fraud prevention system, as many non-US banks do not.

3. Familiarize yourself with the different versions of a new model, and the available options for each. Not all versions of a new model will have the same options available, such as date/no-date options. Many products will have various add-ons, such as straps, available at discounted prices when added as options.

4. If the number of pieces available at any pre-order price run out, the product will appear to be "sold out" until we can add additional inventory, and you will not be able to complete checkout with that item in your cart. The item must be removed, then re-added from the product page, at the new price.

5. Large orders may qualify for free shipping or discounted pricing, which will be automatically applied at checkout.

6. If your credit card is declined, do NOT keep trying to use it.

Repeated attempts may create multiple "phantom charges" in your account, which may take days for the card issuer to resolve and clear from your account. There is nothing we can do to help resolve them.

7. We recommend you use PayPal at checkout if your credit card is declined.

Please be sure your PayPal account is verified by adding a credit card to your PayPal profile. We will only ship to verified PayPal addresses.

8. Mobile devices and operating system differences.

Our website is optimized for mobile devices and all operating systems. If you have difficulty navigating our site, please use a different device.