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“You need to be the Johnny Cash of wristwatches – American, talented, slightly dangerous, but unmistakable.”

I don’t know if he meant that’s what I should be, or that’s a literal need I have, at a biological level. It may be both.

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Graphic artist, composer, and stormtrooper of the 501st Legion. Aaron manages 2D design and illustration.


Product engineer, IT expert, and Master of the Legos. Rusty handles case engineering and 3D modeling.


Mechanical genius, uber gear-head, and lead guitar player. Dan oversees quality control and warranty support.


Marketing guru, fan of OPS+, and smoker of brisket. Josh directs marketing activities and consults on branding.


Antique book collector, inner astrophysicist, and resident traffic cop. Julie manages customer support.


Designer, story-teller, and creative destructionist. Chris oversees every aspect of NTH watches.

NTH Programs

What is the NTH 6 & 6 Guarantee?

NTH gives you up to 6 weeks to return watches for a full refund, net of shipping costs, and guarantees the movement for 6 years from the watch's date of production. 

Try It Before You Buy It

The NTH “Try Before You Buy” program was conceived to alleviate the concerns many customers have about buying a watch, sight unseen, only to later find they don’t really like it.

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With more than 40 different styles, all inspired by vintage designs, take a deeper dive into NTH Watches with our videos.