Other FAQs

Will you make more of a sold out model, and if so, when?

Be sure to check our authorized distributors' websites. They may have more of something which is sold out on our website.  
We may or may not make more of a sold out model. If we do, we'll announce it in our email newsletter (subscribe at bottom right of page), and on social media.  
To get all the latest news and product announcements, be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter, or create a customer account, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram

Do you ever have any sales, and if so, when? 

We don't do many sales. If we do have a sale or a pre-order, we'll announce it in our email newsletter and on social media when it starts. 
Can I get a discount or free shipping?
All customers are automatically enrolled in our loyalty rewards program, which generates coupon codes based on how much our customers have spent in our store. 
Orders over USD $1000 will automatically ship free.
These are the only discounts available - loyalty rewards, and free shipping on large orders.

Can I request a specific serial number?

We no longer use serial numbers, or let customers request specific numbers.

Can I request a different strap or make some other special order request?

We are unable to accommodate special requests for changes to products.

Can I get a catalog mailed to me?

We don't have printed catalogs. Our website is our catalog. You're on it. No mailing or waiting necessary. You're welcome.

Do you have any distributors in other countries, such as the UK or in the EU?

Please see our Authorized Distributors for a current list of our distributors. If there's a distributor you like to buy from, please pester them to contact us about carrying our watches.  

Do you sell replacement parts? 
We will supply our customers with replacement parts as needed, upon receiving photos of damaged parts in need of replacement. Please use our site's contact form to initiate the request. 

Do you have any independent reviews? How do I get a sample for review?

Yes. We have dozens of awesome, unbiased, objective reviews from professional reviewers, and hundreds of reviews from happy customers.
Unbiased reviews - we do not supply bloggers or "social media influencers" with free products or discounts in exchange for reviews, photos, video, or positive mentions on social media. We consider all such requests insulting, considering our customers pay cash, and many of them will review our watches for free. 
If you are a blogger or member of the press and would like a sample for review and return, please contact us. Please understand that we will assess review requests by considering the size of a blog's audience and give preference to bloggers we've worked with in the past. 
Inquiries from social media influencers will be ignored. Any rude messages we receive may be posted to our social media accounts, for our friends and fans to ridicule. 

Where and how are your watches made?

We make watches the same way all other brands make them. We primarily use Swiss or Japanese movements and other components made globally, and outsource final assembly. 
We do not share our vendors' names, or divulge information which is proprietary to our business. 

My card was declined at checkout, but it looks like I was charged. Can you help?

Whenever a customer has a problem checking out, 99.99% of the time it is due to entering the billing address or some other information differently than how it is in the issuing bank’s records. If you have trouble at checkout, please be sure to check your credit card billing statement and key-in your address exactly as it is on your statement, or if all else fails, use PayPal. 
It’s not uncommon to see ‘phantom’ charges when a card is declined - a record of attempted charges which didn’t go through, but for whatever reason, they appear to have been completed on bank/card records for a few days before the issuing bank clears them from the record.  
We recommend calling the card issuer. Sometimes customer support can have phantom charges cleared sooner. We have never charged anyone for a transaction which was not completed, or charged anyone more than once for a single transaction. Please understand there is nothing we or our merchant processor can do to assist in that situation.