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About the Mack, part two...

About the design of The Mack:

Because The Mack was inspired by an infantry soldier, we wanted to combine field-watch utility with NTH’s vintage styling cues, and tie together some subtle nods to the US Army.

The first order of business was to come up with a color scheme that matched the US Army’s logo colors. The matte black dial is complemented by white numbering and “Brian A. Mack” in bold yellow.

For the dial markings, we used a modified version of Copperplate typeface lifted from the Bundeswehr flyback chrono worn by German and Italian military pilots:

(Image credit – Gear Patrol)

To increase legibility, we swapped out the Bund Chrono’s pencil hands for a larger set of broadsword hands, as seen on classic military-issue diving watches, like the Rolex “MilSub”:

(Image credit – Gear Patrol)

To honor Brian Mack’s memory, we made the bezel a brown sand color, as seen on Mack’s desert camouflage. For the markings, we chose to replace the 30-minute mark with an empty triangle, so that the bezel can be used as either a count-down or count-up timer.

Sergeant First Class Brian Mack, pictured at far right, with his team.



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