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22mm Standard NTH 3-link Steel for 2K1 Subs

This Standard NTH 3-link Steel, 316L stainless steel bracelet with curved (fitted) solid end-links and double-locking tri-fold clasp fits the 22mm lugs on the 43mm 2K1 Subs (Swiftsure and Thresher).

It has 6 full-size removable links, 2 half-size removable links, and 6 micro-adjustments on the clasp. Fitted to the 2K1 Subs, it should fit wrists up to 8.5", or 21.6cm.

The clasp is engraved "NTH".

Please note that the end-links of this bracelet were specifically designed with a lip on the lower edge, to fit a groove on the under-side of the 2K1 Subs case. We don't know if the the bracelet will fit other watches with 22mm lugs.

This item is not returnable.

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