Ready for the next round of NTH Subs?

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If you happened to miss it, the Näcken Renegade, Scorpène Black, and all new Odin Black are all available for purchase from our website and our retail partners.

This coming Monday, 13 May, we’ll all start sales for more models, including the Barracuda Blue, Santa Cruz, and all new Odin Blue. Please be aware that the Santa Cruz no-date will not ship right away, but will be shipping within the next week or two.

NTH Watches

What about the rest of the new NTH Subs? We’re hoping to start sales on the Barracuda Vintage Black, the Näcken Modern Black, the Näcken Modern Blue, and the Näcken Vintage Blue within the next two weeks, and the Barracuda Brown shortly after that.

All NTH Subs models will be available in limited quantities. For some models, the NTH website will not have any available at all. We urge everyone to contact their closest NTH retailer to get on their waiting list.

Hong Kong – The Watchdrobe

Singapore – Watch Wonderland

Canada – A Time to Watch

United Kingdom – Page & Cooper

Europe – Serious Watches

USA – Watch Gauge

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