Nazario - Limited Edition NTH Sub Pre-Order, Exclusively at Watch Gauge

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An exclusive offering from Watch Gauge...

Following John Keil of Watch Gauge meeting with the Urban Gentry, and their discussion of the NTH Subs, there’s been a huge surge in interest in them.

As such, Janis Trading has partnered with John to make three NTH Subs models available for pre-order, exclusively through Watch Gauge - the Näcken Modern Black, Näcken Modern Blue (one of which was purchased by TGV himself, who then posted an unboxing video), and an all new Watch Gauge-only Limited Edition model, the Nazario, inspired by the very rare, and highly sought-after Rolex Zerograph from the 1930’s.

For anyone who has been waiting for either color of the Näcken Modern to go on sale again, this is likely to be your last chance to buy one new for some time, and possibly the last time.

For anyone interested in the Nazario, it will only be offered for sale through Watch Gauge, and this is likely to be the only time it will be produced.

Delivery is targeted for April 2018. Full details, pricing, and ordering info can be found on the Watch Gauge Website.

I hope you can take advantage of this limited time offer.

Chris Vail
Janis Trading Company

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