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Jonathan BordellIt gives me great pleasure to announce that we have partnered with Page & Cooper as our exclusive retail partner in the U.K. This partnership has been a long time in the making, as I’ve been a huge fan of the much respected, London-based watch retailer for some time. P&C’s founder, Jonathan Bordell, has built an enviable reputation for his business, by way of his focus on quality and outstanding service.










Page & Cooper is an online retailer with a showroom just 20 minutes from Central London. Jonathan Bordell was always a lover and collector of watches. He respected the art in part because his grandfather was a watchmaker. Jonathan always found that watches were good conversation starters and because his collection was rare and he never wore timepieces that most people recognized, he found each watch had an interesting story that intrigued others.

Page & Cooper

He slowly began researching watches and eventually started the business from home -- out of his bedroom, like a true entrepreneur in 2012. Now, he has consultations in his appointment only showroom booked through 2019 where the average visit is 3 hours due to Jonathan and his team’s attention to detail and customer first disposition.

In selecting the items Page & Cooper offer, Jonathan aims to ensure that they fulfil a set of basic criteria of being well designed, beautifully made, rare, long lasting and importantly offer value for money.

You will not find the majority of the watches available through Page & Cooper for sale on the high street or advertised in the national press, largely because they are niche products made by independent companies using traditional skills - companies that are more interested in creativity and heritage than in promoting their achievements.

Jonathan believes that the concept of luxury in the 21st century is very different from what it used to be. Nowadays, luxury is often defined by marketing and price, rather than by quality and exclusivity - a situation that Page & Cooper endeavors to address. In Jonathan’s experience, the customer who walks in wearing a luxury brand will be giddy to buy an NTH because he can spot the excellent quality, brand, and design.

His team spends a considerable amount of time communicating with clients and potential clients.  His business is built on this foundation. Everything from answering the questions, “how does that piece sit on my wrist?” to “what does that color look like outdoors?” to “can you explain the specs?” Conversations with customers about watches was how Jonathan’s enthusiasm for watches began and it is how he sets himself apart from other retailers today.

Page & Cooper offers free shipping in the UK and charges only 10 pounds to ship worldwide. You can check out NTH watches on their website.


Page & Cooper will begin this relationship by carrying our next wave of Subs, which begin per-order Sept 3 at 12 PM GMT.

They will be carrying the following pieces during the pre-order and shipping them in late-October.

Dolphin Magenta, Dolphin Ice, Näcken Vintage White, Näcken Renegade, Bahia, Scorpene Blue, & Skipjack. 

NTH Subs

They can be found at:

NTH Partners with Page & Cooper

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