November 28, 2019 2 min read

Please forgive how long it’s been since I sent a personalized message. There couldn’t be a better reason for this one. I’m writing to introduce you to a soon-to-launch brand, Atticus, and the man behind it.

Many fans of NTH (and Lew & Huey before it) know that my close friend and fellow watch-geek Rusty Mahony has been an integral part of my design team since early 2014. I kid around and blame him for all sorts of trouble, but his contributions to my business can’t be overstated.

The success of NTH is largely due to the NTH Subs, and the success of the Subs is largely due to their case design. Rusty designed the Subs’ case, with minimal input from me and others.

It was also Rusty’s idea to lume the crown engraving, something which has not only become a calling card for NTH, but has since been mimicked by countless other brands.

Rusty then designed the NTH Tropics case, again with minimal input from me and others, and worked closely with me on the design for the forthcoming “XL” Subs case (better name to follow).

For every new model we’ve produced in the last 5+ years, Rusty has done the initial case engineering work, done all the 3D illustrations and animations, and had a hand in every design decision, large and small, from the shape of a bracelet end-link to the size of a crown. There’s no design we’ve produced which doesn’t bear his mark.

It’s fair to say we couldn’t have done everything we’ve done without him.

So, early this year, when many NTH fans were asking us to make a non-diver tool watch, under 40mm, and I just wasn’t into it, Rusty began toying with the idea of making it, under his own brand. When he asked me what I thought, I gave the idea my unqualified and most fervent endorsement.

What do we want you to know about Atticus, and the 5 (yes, FIVE) new models that comprise the Adventure series of watches? A few things…

Although Atticus is Rusty’s brand, not mine, he’s been absorbing experience from me going back five years, I’ve been advising him closely in pre-launch, and I will continue to advise for as long as he wants. You can rest assured that the quality standards, the pre- and post-sale support, and the value you get will be much the same as they are with NTH.

While the designs and specs for the Atticus “Adventure Series” are final, they haven’t yet all been revealed, and other details such as pricing, pre-order start date, and target delivery date are still being finalized. But you can keep up with what’s happening by subscribing to his email newsletter on the Atticus website, and follow him on Instagram at @AtticusWatch.

For now, I can tell you that the specs are legit, the price is (will be) right, the pre-orders will start soon, and you could be rocking a 38mm piece of Rusty-made awesomeness sometime in Q2 of 2020.

Chris "Doc" Vail



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