August 19, 2017 2 min read

September can't get here soon enough...

Hey there,

Before the boys of summer pack it in and head back to school, I wanted to update everyone on a few things...


We’re expecting to receive prototypes of the NTH DevilRay by mid-September. I’ll do my best to get some decent pics uploaded to our website and social media pages ASAP. We’ll look to start pre-orders by late September or early October, so we can target April 2018 for delivery. When we set the date for pre-orders to start, we'll announce it in our email newsletter and on social media.

Because of the overwhelmingly positive response the DevilRay has received, I strongly recommend you create a customer account on our website prior to pre-orders starting, and reading our guide for pre-order success. If you haven’t seen the DevilRay, all four versions, plus full dimensions, specs and planned pricing can be found on our website.


We just delivered the most recent batch of NTH Subs. Those left in stock are going fast. We’re already sold out on all but four versions, all of which are now down to single-digit or low-double-digit inventory.

We may or may not make more of any current or past version of the Subs. We’re planning some new versions for a reveal later this year, with pre-orders and delivery sometime next year. 

If you want one of the NTH Subs, don't wait, get it now, before they're all gone.


As we said in an earlier email this year, we’re working on new models for the Lew & Huey brand, and discontinuing the current model range. As part of that process, we’ve marked down all remaining in-stock versions of the Orthos to $400, including free shipping anywhere in the world. 

We also just added some more of the limited edition  Sapphire Blue, after our warehouse discovered a box we'd previously thought lost or stolen.


The extremely limited-production Ghost Rider is currently in assembly. We’ve only got 7 pieces left unclaimed. Get yours before they’re all gone.


Uhm…we’ve got a Facebook group now. If you’re on Facebook, please join us.

That's all I've got. Enjoy the last bit of summer.

Chris Vail
Janis Trading Company

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