Lost and Found: The Case of the Lost NTH Catalina

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Page and Cooper, our exclusive UK retailer, was recently contacted by a woman that said she had found a lost NTH watch, the Urban Gentry Catalina Edition, in the street. Page and Cooper collected the watch and have it here now at their storefront.

Help us share this video and reunite this amazing watch with its original owner. Please subscribe to their YouTube channel for updates. 

And, a reminder that this coming Tuesday, 21 May, we’ll start sales of the gilt-relief dialed Barracuda Vintage Black, the always-popular Näcken Modern Black, the crazy-popular Näcken Modern Blue, and the back-by-popular-demand Näcken Vintage Blue.

Sales of the Barracuda BlueNäcken RenegadeOdin BlackOdin BlueSanta Cruz, and Scorpène Black are already underway, and stock is running out.

Check our site or your closest retailer to order yours!

UK – Page and Cooper

USA – Watch Gauge

EU – Serious Watches

Hong Kong – The Watchdrobe

Singapore – Watch Wonderland

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