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January 27, 2019 2 min read

Whenever we reveal new models, or just when we're posting pics of popular models, we get people asking when we’ll make more of this or that, or if we’ll ever make a larger or smaller version of this or that. I talked a bit about the challenges matching supply to demand in a recent blog post.

I don’t usually like to talk about our production plans too far in advance, for many reasons. Our future delivery dates can often be moved due to production delays. I don’t want the models we have coming to overshadow those available for sale now. And candidly, this industry is so fiercely competitive, I don’t like giving my competitors too much information.

All that said, sometimes we get the same requests often enough that we act on them, and usually, by that time, I’m not too concerned letting our plans be known. Since our current inventory is fairly low, I feel somewhat safe giving our customers and fans a preview of what’s coming in 2019.

Näcken Modern BlueBarracuda Vintage Black

 You may already be aware we just delivered more of theNäcken Modern Blue, along with the all-newBarracuda Vintage Black with gilt-relief dial. We’ve already ordered more of the Näcken Modern Blue to be produced for a delivery later this coming spring (around April/May). Since the new Barracuda appears popular, we’ll likely produce more of it as well, sooner, rather than later.

NTH Watches 2019

You may also have seen the survey we recently conducted to determine which of our other NTH Subs models we should produce again. Based on the results of that survey, we’ll be making limited quantities available of theNäcken Modern Black, theBarracuda Brown, theBarracuda Blue, theNäcken Vintage Blue, theScorpène Black, and theSanta Cruz, along with more of theNäcken Renegade, and still more of theNäcken Modern Blue. These will all be ready for delivery around April/May.

NTH Watches 2019

In addition to those models, we’re also producing two new Subs designs, theOdin Black andOdin Blue, plus a new version of theNazario, exclusively available through our friends atWatch Gauge, and our first-ever collaboration with an independent co-designer/customizer (more details to follow soon). All of these will be available around April/May.

What else is coming? We’ll most likely have at least one, if not two more special editions which will be sold exclusively through one of our retail partners, which should be available sometime in late spring/early summer.

We’re also working on a new,larger version of the NTH Subs, in response to requests we’ve gotten from some of the guys out there with bear-paws for hands, and the wrists to match. We’ll try to have that one in production in time for delivery by fall (Sept/Oct). Stay tuned for more details to come.

As of now, that’s all we’ve got on our radar screen for this year. If things go well, maybe we’ll do another production run of some other model, be it an all-new design or just a new production of something we’ve made before.  Stay tuned!

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